Interview with Hannah B. Kaplan

I’d Like to introduce to you Hannah B. Kaplan, she is a Visual artist and illustrator and creates bright joyful abstract art and illustrations to inspire childlike creativity. It’s with great pleasure that i introduce to you Hannah .

1.     Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Hannah and I am an abstract painter and illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Growing up I always gravitated towards the arts, whether through fine art camps and classes, drama and dance classes in school, and participating in plays as an actor and stage manager later in high school and university. Now, I spend most of my time painting, which is a wonderful way to express myself freely without self-consciousness getting in my way. I also recently started offering custom illustrations, which is a great way for me to keep up my drawing practice and offer affordable options for artwork that makes for unique, one of a kind gifts.  

2.     Why do you do what you do?

When I was in school I chose to take art classes whenever possible. However, I really doubted my own abilities because I struggled with creating work that matched what my teachers and classmates considered “good art.” I didn’t have the patience or the desire to spend hours working with a tiny brush to create a realistic image, and at the time, I felt that that was because I wasn’t good enough, and I would never be an artist. Now I realize that if I struggle to do a certain type of thing, it doesn’t mean that I’m not an artist or I’m not good enough, it just might mean that that specific thing isn’t a good fit for me. My abstract painting style developed out of a desire to reconnect with my instincts and get rid of the negativity that can come with trying to be something I’m not.

3.     Professionally, what’s your goal?  

My goal professionally and personally is to fill my life with things and people that make me happy. I believe that we have to put ourselves first in this life, because we only have so much time, and I want to make it count. I would love to be able to make a consistent income from my art, but I also really like having side jobs that are different from what I do in my studio, so my goal for my life includes a healthy balance of those things along with balancing family and my own wellbeing.

4.     How do you work?

My artistic process is extremely intuitive and unplanned. Whether I’m sitting down to paint or draw, I very rarely approach my work with any set idea on what I am going to create. With painting, I choose a canvas (sometimes fresh and white, but usually painted on already), and then I choose my paints just based on what I find myself drawn to. Once I have a bunch of colours (and a healthy dose of white paint) on my palette, I select one of my brushes, get it nice and wet, and dive right in! I never know how things will look after a painting session, but the great thing is that even if it doesn’t look good to me, I can always give it another go tomorrow (and ugly paintings can make for great backgrounds!)